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Self-control Plane Rides Star Ship for Sale

Self-control Plane Rides Star Ship for Sale
  • Brand Name:SINORIDES
  • Capacity:16P
  • Type:Self-control Plane Rides
  • Power:15KW
  • Space area:11mx11m
  • Voltage:380V, 50/60HZ
  • Size:D8.5mxH6.2m
  • Speed:Adjustable
  • Material:FRP & Steel
  • Customize:Yes

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Sinorides mainly manufacture mechanical amusement park rides, especially Self-control Plane rides Star Ship is a new kind of Plane Rides

Details Introduction

►Star Ship is a new upgrade to Blue Star in Sinorides' product line of interactive family rides, it can also be called as Blue Travel.
►This new family flyer ride features 8 Starship themed cockpits for a total capacity of 16 people per revolution,besides, all cockpits can be rotating 360° and controlled by the riders for lifting or falling.
►There are 2 laser guns in each cockpit, and the riders can enjoy 2 ways of happiness come from the shooting. One is that the rider shoot to the central ET themed targets and then the ET will crane and sound; the other is that the rider can shoot with each other to make a ‘war’ between the cockpits for more fun, once you're hit, your starship would be vibrative and fall as a 'crash'.
►So if you are expecting to add a fierce 'combat' amusement rides into your park area, then to have a Sinorides’ Star Ship is hightly appropriate.

Video of Self-control Plane Rides Star Ship for Sale

Successful Case

SINORIDES amusement park rides have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions all over the world. A great many amusement parks and theme parks designed by SINORIDES have been built and lots of them have become the classical ones in local market.

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