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Sinorides Amusement Park Projects in Oman

Sinorides Amusement Park Projects in Oman

  • Cooperation Time:
  • 2017-2018
  • Country:
  • Oman
  • Rides Included:
  • Spiral Jet, Mini Pendulum, Drop Tower Jumping Circle, High-speed Bullet Train Coaster and Self-control Plane
  • Range of Application:
  • Outdoor Playgrounds, Amusement Park, Theme Park, Fairgrounds, Funfairs, etc.

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Sinorides Amusement Rides Spiral Jet, Mini Pendulum, Drop Tower Jumping Circle, High-speed Bullet Train Coaster and Self-control Plane in a theme park of Oman

Project Overview

Sinorides Team in Oman Help Install Amusement Rides

Wow, wow, wow! Welcome Sinorides team come back from Oman!
Congratulations to Sinorides for cooperating successfully with an amusement park of Oman!

How did the cooperation begin?

In the year 2017, Sinorides team went to Oman for visiting clients and the next month the client from Oman came to Sinorides factory for investigation.

Why did the client choose Sinorides?

Sinorides team proposed a detailed plan about how to update the amusement park rides without affecting passenger flow volume, including when to buy new amusement rides, when to install the park rides, how to plan the route for passengers to take the amusement rides, etc.

What amusement rides did the clients buy from Sinorides?

Thrill rides: Spiral Jet, Small Pendulum and Drop Tower Jumping Circle.
Family Rides: High Speed Bullet Train and Self-control Plane.

What did Sinorides do after the amusement rides arrived in Oman?

Sinorides sent a translator and two technicians to client's park for helping installation. The staff from Sinorides guided them how to lay the foundations of different amusement rides and how to install them. Sinorides team also taught them how to operate the amusement rides in a right way.

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Successful Case

SINORIDES amusement park rides have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions all over the world. A great many amusement parks and theme parks designed by SINORIDES have been built and lots of them have become the classical ones in local market.

Sinorides Services

SINORIDES (Henan Swonder Amusement Rides Co., Ltd) is a professional manufacturer of amusement rides as well as a service provider for amusement parks. We have a professional consulting team to provide clients with amusement park planning, design, equipment selection, project construction and operation consulting. Any questions, please contact us at any time.

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Any questions about amusement rides, spare parts or theme park, feel free to contact us!

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