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Children amusement park rides, also known as kiddie rides or kids rides, are specially designed for kids aged 4 to 12. Sinorides can supply various kids rides, such as Mini Carousel Horse, amusement Trackless or Track Trains, Mini Flying Cars, Kids Airplane Rides, Mini Drop Tower Rides, Mini Pirate Ship, Mini Ferris Wheels, Mini Tagada, Mini Flying Chair, Mini Pendulum, Mini Swing and so on. They are suitable for shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, etc. Most kids rides in Sinorides can be customized.

Mini Flying Cars

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Mini Tagada Rides

Mini Pendulum Rides

Happy Swing

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SINORIDES (Henan Swonder Amusement Rides Co., Ltd) is a professional manufacturer of amusement rides as well as a service provider for amusement parks. We have a professional consulting team to provide clients with amusement park planning, design, equipment selection, project construction and operation consulting. Any questions, please contact us at any time.

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